SST304 Cable Netting Order

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SST304 Cable Netting Order

This SST304 Cable Netting order is purchased by our regular customer before the Chinese New Year. Time is very urgent, and we tried our best to complete this order. And now, the order has been shipped to our customer’s location.

This material is also called stainless steel cable netting. And it is very suitable for the construction of zoo fences and enclosures, as well as domestic or commercial buildings. It does not rust and is durable. This is why customers choose our products.

SST304 Cable Netting


Product: SST304 Cable Netting

Product ID: HY1651(1/16″- 2″× 2″); HY3251(1/8″-2″×2″)

Color: Natural

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Mesh size: 1850 sq.ft


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