Our Project Cases

Stainless steel rope mesh
Specially used for zoo cage netting and enclosure fence.

With the production experience over the years, we have accumulated numerous animal enclosures in zoos project cases.
Now here are some classic projects for your reference. You can see the fixture structure, function application, animal varieties, and effect feedbacks.
After checking the projects, you will have a clear understanding of the prominent advantages of hand-woven stainless steel rope mesh.

The cases include the zoo animal enclosures for various animals protection, like bird netting, aviary mesh, phantom mesh, parrot cage netting, crane fence mesh, eagle cage fence netting, monkey enclosure mesh, orangutan enclosure fence, gorilla fence, tiger enclosure mesh, lion cage enclosure mesh, leopard fence enclosure netting, deer fence mesh, etc.

The mesh is applied in various sites, such as zoos, parks, aviaries, safaris, sports fields, amusement parks, architecture ornaments, etc.

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