Stainless steel rope mesh is used for zoo animals mesh, animal fence neting.

Zoo Animals Mesh & Fence, the variety of specifications for a large animal, medium-sized animal, small animal. Deer Fence, Tiger Enclosure, Lion Cage, Leopard Fence. Stainless steel fence mesh is widely used for zoo fences, zoo mesh, zoo netting, zoo enclosures, and other protected places. Suitable for a variety of animals cage mesh and zoo animal enclosures, such as tiger enclosure mesh, lion fence mesh, leopard cage fencing, deer enclosure fence mesh, giraffe fence mesh, wolf cage fence mesh, fox fencing netting, fox exhibition mesh, etc.

Stainless steel rope mesh is made from 304/304L/316/316L stainless steel wire cables and hand-woven, so is also called stainless steel wire rope mesh, stainless steel cable mesh, handwoven stainless steel mesh, stainless steel woven mesh, etc. It is a kind of metal mesh fencing with extremely flexible features.
Stainless steel rope mesh is widely used in zoo fence and zoo mesh facilities constructions, such as large animal enclosures, outdoor animal enclosures, zoo animal enclosures, large outdoor animal enclosures. The materials are loved by zoo animal enclosure builders and designers.

High-quality raw materials and customized rope diameter and mesh size can separate animals effectively and safeguard tourist safety. The customized zoo animals mesh can make the cage flexible in shape and impregnable.
Small animals can get closer to tourists in the animal mesh while it is safer to keep large fierce animals in the mesh. In whichever case, stainless steel wire rope mesh can provide excellent ventilation, the angle of viewing, and maintenance-free property.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh as the experienced zoo fence enclosures factory supplier, we supplied many famous zoological around the world and help them complete the projects of large outdoor animal enclosures. Email us for more information about zoo enclosures for sale.

animal trail fence mesh

Zoo animal trail fence mesh

Specifications: HY3276
Fence Wire Mesh
Material: 304 stainless steel
Rope diameter: 3.2mm (1/8")
Mesh aperture: 76mm x 76mm (3" x 3")
Cable woven mesh is suitable for animal trail fence, zoo enclosure fence, enclsoure mesh for goats, steel fence for pony, zoo animal fence mesh.
Corrosion-resistant, no rust, no need for any maintenance, suitable for a variety of areas, long service life.
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tiger enclosure mesh, tiger fence enclosure, tiger cage enclosure netting

Tiger cage protection mesh

Specifications: HY3251
Fence Wire Mesh
Material: 304 stainless steel
Rope diameter: 3.2mm (1/8")
Mesh aperture: 51mm x 51mm (3" x 3")
Wire rope netting for animal enclosure mesh, tiger cages, tiger exhibit, tiger cage covering mesh, tiger barrier mesh, tiger cage fence.
Corrosion-resistant, no rust, no need for any maintenance, suitable for a variety of areas, long service life.
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zoo enclosure for lion fence mesh

Lion enclosure mesh

Specifications: HY3251
Wire Rope Netting
Material: 304 stainless steel
Rope diameter: 3.2mm (1/8")
Mesh aperture: 51mm x 51mm (2" x 2")
Stainless steel wire rope mesh for lion fence enclosure mesh, lion enclosure netting, lion cage enclosures, lion exhibit protection mesh.
We provide high-quality lion exhibition enclosure materials and lion cages for sale.
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animals mesh, zoo enclosure, zoo fence, zoo mesh, zoo netting

Leopard enclosure mesh

Specifications: HY3276
Animal Fence Mesh
Material: 304 stainless steel
Rope diameter: 3.2mm (1/8")
Mesh aperture:76mm x 76mm (3" x 3")
Stainless steel cable mesh for large animal fence netting, leopard enclosure, leopard exhibit enclosure nets, leopard safety protection mesh, snow leopard enclosures mesh.
Good sight, beautiful, complete specifications, good flexibility, suitable for a variety of leopard exhibition.
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deer enclosure fence mesh, Giraffe fence mesh

Giraffe enclosure mesh

Specifications: HY2490
Zoo Net Mesh
Material: 304 stainless steel
Rope diameter: 2.4mm (3/32")
Mesh aperture: 90mm x 90mm (3.6" x 3.6")
Steel cable mesh for giraffe cage fence mesh, giraffe enclosure mesh, giraffe fencing nets, giraffe enclosure fence.
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The commonly used zoo animals mesh specifications for tigers, lions, and leopards are HY3251, HY3260, HY3276, which can provide enough tensile protection.
The commonly used zoo animals mesh specifications for deer and giraffe are HY2051, HY2451, HY2476, which can provide effective separation and protection.
The animal enclosure mesh specifications for zebras, gnus, ponies, and wild donkeys are HY2451, HY3276, HY32102, which can provide effective separation.
These specifications can provide both protection and viewing effects consistent with the animals and they have a high cost-performance ratio.

Specifications for Zoo Animals Mesh & Fence

Rope diameter, material, and mesh size can all be customized. We will produce according to your requirements.
We use SUS304/316 stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and tensile strength. The rope is made with multiple cores twisted together, the structure is 7*7 cores (rope diameter 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm) and 7*19 cores (rope diameter 3.2mm).
Wires are smooth, protecting the fur from being damaged.
We provide the regular specifications for your reference. The specifications for animal mesh and animal fence netting are as follows, click to view.
Product IDRope DiameterApertureRope DiameterApertureUnit Weight
Unit WeightWire Rope StructureTensile StrengthWire DiameterMin.Breaking Load
1.6(mm)38 x 38 (mm)1/16"(Inch)1.5" x 1.5"(Inch)0.64(kg/m²)0.059(kg/sq.ft)7 x 72300(Mpa)0.17 (mm)2.13 (KN)
1.6(mm)51 x 51 (mm)1/16"(Inch)2" x 2"(Inch)0.5(kg/m²)0.046(kg/sq.ft)7 x 72300(Mpa)0.17 (mm)2.13 (KN)
2(mm)51 x 51(mm)5/64"(Inch)2" x 2"(Inch)0.76(kg/m²)0.071(kg/sq.ft)7 x 72080(Mpa)0.22 (mm)2.94 (KN)
2(mm)60 x 60(mm)5/64"(Inch)2.4" x 2.4"(Inch)0.65(kg/m²)0.06(kg/sq.ft)7 x 72080(Mpa)0.22 (mm)2.94 (KN)
2(mm)76 x 76(mm)5/64"(Inch)3" x 3"(Inch)0.51(kg/m²)0.047(kg/sq.ft)7 x 72080(Mpa)0.22 (mm)2.94 (KN)
2.4(mm)51 x 51(mm)3/32"(Inch)2" x 2"(Inch)1.02(kg/m²)0.095(kg/sq.ft)7 x 71860(Mpa)0.26 (mm)4.1 (KN)
2.4(mm)60 x 60(mm)3/32"(Inch)2.4" x 2.4"(Inch)0.87(kg/m²)0.081(kg/sq.ft)7 x 71860(Mpa)0.26 (mm)4.1 (KN)
2.4(mm)76 x 76(mm)3/32"(Inch)3" x 3"(Inch)0.72(kg/m²)0.067(kg/sq.ft)7 x 71860(Mpa)0.26 (mm)4.1 (KN)
2.4(mm)102 x 102(mm)3/32"(Inch)4" x 4"(Inch)0.54(kg/m²)0.05(kg/sq.ft)7 x 71860(Mpa)0.26 (mm)4.1 (KN)
3.2(mm)51 x 51(mm)1/8"(Inch)2" x 2"(Inch)1.95(kg/m²)0.181(kg/sq.ft)7 x 191920(Mpa)0.21 (mm)7.82 (KN)
3.2(mm)60 x 60(mm)1/8"(Inch)2.4" x 2.4"(Inch)1.65(kg/m²)0.153(kg/sq.ft)7 x 191920(Mpa)0.21 (mm)7.82 (KN)
3.2(mm)76 x 76(mm)1/8"(Inch)3" x 3"(Inch)1.28(kg/m²)0.119(kg/sq.ft)7 x 191920(Mpa)0.21 (mm)7.82 (KN)
3.2(mm)90 x 90(mm)1/8"(Inch)3.6" x 3.6"(Inch)1.1(kg/m²)0.102(kg/sq.ft)7 x 191920(Mpa)0.21 (mm)7.82 (KN)
3.2(mm)102 x 102(mm)1/8"(Inch)4" x 4"(Inch)0.9(kg/m²)0.084(kg/sq.ft)7 x 191920(Mpa)0.21 (mm)7.82 (KN)

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