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Stainless steel cable mesh Specifications

Stainless steel cable mesh Specifications are composed of the wire rope diameter and the mesh aperture. Rope diameter, Mesh aperture, and Mesh panel size can all be customized. We will produce according to your requirements. Stainless steel cable mesh by pure manual processing production, after a variety of processing technology. It is luxurious in appearance, highly durable, and timeless.

Hengyi design and production of stainless steel cable mesh (alternate names: hand-woven stainless steel mesh, stainless steel rope woven mesh, stainless steel cable woven mesh, flexible metal mesh, flexible cable mesh ), suitable for zoo animal fence mesh, zoo aviary mesh, stadium fence, safety protection nets and so on.

▼Details of Products Specifications

The specification name of stainless steel wire mesh is composed of the wire rope diameter and the mesh aperture.
the description of Hengyi wire rope mesh specification
For example:
     Rope diameter: 1.2mm (3/64")
     Mesh aperture: 51mm × 51mm (2" × 2")

The wire rope diameter is 1.2 mm; When the opening angle of each mesh is 90°, the distance between the two parallel ropes is the standard rope diameter. Shown as the "X" in the picture. In this example, X = 51mm.

Wire rope diameter:
          By inch: 3/64", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 1/8"
          By mm: 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm
Mesh aperture:
          By inch: 0.8"×0.8", 1"×1", 1.2"×1.2", 1.5"×1.5", 2"×2", 2.4"×2.4", 3"×3", 3.6"×3.6", 4"×4", 5"×5", 6"×6".
          By mm: 20mm×20mm, 25mm×25mm, 30mm×30mm, 38mm×38mm, 51mm×51mm, 60mm×60mm,76mm×76mm, 90mm×90mm, 102mm×102mm, 127mm×127mm, 152mm×152mm
More about Stainless steel cable mesh Composition Specifications

Stainless steel cable mesh (alternate names: hand-woven stainless steel netting, stainless steel rope mesh, flexible metal mesh, stainless steel wire rope mesh) is a rhomboid mesh, with excellent elasticity and toughness, almost indestructible, most impact and destructive resistance, anti-weathering.
Stainless steel cable mesh is anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, and has a service life of more than 30 years.

Thanks to the stainless steel material of the braided rope mesh itself, it is securely guaranteed to safely keep any variety of animals, including beasts, raptors, ornamental birds, primates. Its flexible mesh size can be applied to any common bird, from the smallest warbler to the largest macaws.
Woven mesh holes can be customized to meet the precise specifications of your exhibits.

Whether your requirements are safe and secure, or flexible and beautiful, our cable woven mesh can meet your requirements.
We invite you to consider incorporating our stainless steel cable mesh into your design. As a utility model material, it will make your design unlimited, can be safe and reliable and elegant, and has unparalleled economic benefits, one investment, almost no maintenance costs to spend, a reliable service life of 30 years.
Hengyi production of stainless steel cable mesh will be your best choice.

Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Product Description:

Mesh aperture:
● Mesh aperture is the mesh hole size, that is the distance from knot center to knot center.
● Pure hand-woven. Every knotting crossing twice by hand, ensuring the hole never variant.
● Stainless steel cable mesh aperture has diverse specifications.
● No matter large or small, our custom stainless steel cable mesh size can be very suited for your design.
Wire rope diameter of Mesh:
● The stainless steel wire rope diameter
● The wire rope structure
● The Min.breaking load (KN)
● High quality stainless steel wire rope, material include AISI304 and AISI316;
● In general, the material AISI 304 is the main material, can meet the needs of most areas, and the AISI316 material mainly used for wet environment, like seaside.
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Stainless Steel Rope Mesh - About Service & Ordering

  1. Free Sample:
    A sample of less than 1 square feet stainless steel rope mesh is provided free of charge. The requestor needs to incur the courier charges.
  2. Custom Specification
    1. Raw Material: Either AISI 316 or AISI 304.
    2. Panel Size: Our standard size is 8 meter x 8 meter. Upon request, we will manufacture the wire rope netting according to specification.
    3. Wire Rope Diameter: Ranging from 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4 mm, and 3.2mm.
    4. Apertures: Standard apertures are from 102mm x 102mm, 90mm x 90mm, 76mm x 76mm, 60mm x 60mm, 51mm x 51mm, 38mm x 38mm, 25mm x 25mm, 20mm x 20mm.
      For more information, please refer to the Product Specifications Table.
    5. Color: natural, black, bronze.
    6. If there are any special requirements for the apertures not shown, please feel free to contact us.
  3. The size of wire cable mesh panels roll
    The size of the bulk roll varies depending on the size of the stainless steel cable mesh ordered.
  4. Packaging
    The stainless steel cable mesh will be rolled and packed into the P.P. woven bags.
  5. Lead time
    The order could be arranged within 24hours, lead time is between 7-30 days depending on the quantum of order.
  6. Convenient and fast installation
    With customized sizes, the wire mesh panels and frames are compatible, easy for installation. Our detailed installation guidance will facilitate a worry-free installation for you.

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Stainless steel cable mesh connection and installation:

Stainless steel rope mesh is very flexible and soft, can cover any cage shape, easy to install.
The following picture shows the common installation and connection of stainless steel mesh, for your reference.

The length connection of stainless steel cable mesh:
P1: Use stainless steel wire rope to connect the length of mesh
P2: Use stainless steel ferrule to connect the length of mesh.

The height connection of stainless steel cable mesh:
P3: The height connection of stainless steel wire rope mesh, the accessories is stainless steel wire ropes. Due to the height edge of the mesh panel has the stainless steel ferrule, so the height connection of hand-woven stainless steel netting generally uses stainless steel wire ropes.
P4: Directly used ferrule with a hole to buckle Edge, and then use wire rope to connect the mesh height.

The above picture shows: Fixed the Stainless steel cable mesh on the frame with stainless steel cables.
P5: Stainless steel column directly insertion the hand-woven stainless steel mesh to fixed.
P6: Fixed the stainless steel rope mesh on the frame with stainless steel ropes.

Over 30 years service life
Maintenance-free property
Better living environment for your animals.

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