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Installation Instructions-ecozoomesh

This page describes some of the conditions during the installation of stainless steel wire netting.

1. Installation Steps guide

2. Common installation accessories

3. Common installation structure

Installation Steps guide

  •  1. Verify that the mesh size is the same as the frame size.
  • 2-3. Stretch the mesh, use Cable-Ties fixed mesh angle on the frame, and from top to bottom in order to secure both sides. (Note: Fixed both sides of the same time downward stretch mesh to shape the mesh hole)
  • 4. Cut off the bottom part of the mesh with the wire clamp, use the stainless steel card to fasten the edge, grind the grinding machine and then fix it on the frame.
  • 5. Using wire rope (rope diameter is larger than mesh rope diameter) fixed the mesh and frame.
  • 6. Cut off the Cable-Ties. Finished

Common installation accessories

Common Installation Instructions Video

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