Cheetah Woven Mesh Fencing

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Cheetah Woven Mesh Fencing

leopard fence, leopard fencing mesh

leopard fence, leopard fencing mesh

Cheetah woven mesh fencing- Hengyi Metal Mesh

Stainless steel woven wire mesh- An enclosure metal material to meet the special needs of animals. Hengyi cheetah woven mesh fencing will keep cheetahs safe and secure.

Do you plan to design some animal cages or exhibition rooms?

Do zoos already have animals and need to upgrade, expand or improve their containment capacity?

From hamsters to horses, from birds to cheetahs-woven wire mesh fences do the job well.
Cheetah Woven Mesh Fencing

Handwoven stainless steel wire mesh factory, fence mesh for zoo leopard and cheetah exhibit

Today we will introduce cheetah woven mesh fencing produced by Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh. It is made of stainless steel material which is also suitable for small animals or birds. All you have to do is choose the right wire diameter, finish, and right-sized opening.

Hengyi Metal Mesh’s stainless steel wire mesh can provide a safe occupation area for cheetahs without the need for electricity on the fence. The stainless steel braided form is very strong and will not be torn off.

Generally, for cheetahs, using a 1/8″ wire diameter and an opening size of 2″ to 4″ can ensure the safety of the railings of the cheetah fence. Such specifications are also applicable to tigers, lions, or black bears.

Whatever size and type of animal you have, there is stainless steel woven wire fencing mesh that will keep them safe and secure.

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