Aviary Perimeter Mesh

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Aviary Perimeter Mesh

parrot cage mesh, aviary netting3

parrot cage mesh, aviary netting

Aviary Perimeter Mesh, Aviary Barrier Mesh

Historically, birds have been closely related to humans. All kinds of birds (waterbirds, wading birds, parrots, ornamental birds, etc.) are in ecological balance. For agriculture, literature, and art, science, architecture, medicine, daily life, spiritual civilization construction is changing with each passing day. Bird and bird parks bring us Comes with great tourism economic value. And it also has the functions of people’s daily leisure and entertainment. Aviary perimeter mesh or aviary barrier mesh is very important.

The birdhouse protection net in the architectural design of the zoo bird park should combine the following habits: artificial bionic design of birds in terms of living environment, reproduction and tourist viewing, administrator replacement, etc. It is required to use stainless steel woven wire fence on the cage as the fence of the birdhouse. Although the cost is higher than the barbed wire material, the actual use-value is unparalleled and countless times of other materials.

Aviary Perimeter Mesh

Hengyi Metal Mesh Factory suggested that the following points should be paid attention to in the construction of the surrounding nets of the bird garden:

  1. Connect fully and leave enough space. Like other animals, birds do not like restraint. Otherwise, it will cause psychological stress and affect survival and reproduction.
  2. The interior decoration of the birdhouse is in line with its living environment, and the appropriate plants, water, rocks, etc. are configured, which is conducive to the health of the birds and makes the visitors’ eyes full.
  3. The enclosure of the birdhouse must be soft, without sharp corners, etc. to ensure that bird feathers are injured.
  4. To have good durability and appreciation. For example, a parrot that loves to chew things; and has the ability to twist and bite must all require the cage fence net to be tear-resistant and stretch-resistant.

Our stainless steel bird garden fence products include a variety of specifications, which can be customized according to customer requirements. For specific product parameters, please refer to our product page or contact us directly.

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