stainless steel cable netting


Stainless Steel Netting 1/16″ Cable Order Completed

1/16″ cable nets are very commonly used. Whether it is monkey cages or small animal exhibition rooms, or bird roof nets and fences, 1/16″ […]
Flexible Steel Mesh

Cable Mesh Netting

Cable mesh netting is a tough and important building material. Cable mesh netting is often used in the projects’ construction of zoological gard […]

Aviary Wire Mesh for Sale and Aviary Wire Mesh Order Sent

Aviary Wire Mesh Order Completed – Aviary wire mesh for sale   Hengyi  Metal Ecological Mesh factory is shipping bird aviary nets to bird p […]

Lemur Exhibit Fence Netting

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh factory supplies lemur exhibit fence netting for many years. Nowadays, more and more zoos in the world are using stainles […]

Sport Netting Barrier Ferrule Type Mesh

Sport netting barrier ferrule type mesh or sports field protection net is also an important use of stainless steel wire rope mesh. Based on the charac […]

Soft Stainless Cable Nets Order Shipping

While speaking stainless steel or metal, people would think of sturdy, hard and bulky. But for our zoo mesh nets, you can totally see what soft stainl […]
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