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We will solve the problems you encounter in engineering.

Free samples, customized products, perfect installation guidance, and enthusiastic post-sales service!
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Short Lead Time

Fast and prompt manufacturing and short shipment period, timely delivery and fast installation. We have sufficient full-time workforce to ensure our production period and delivery time.

Ultra-long service life, Maintenance-free features

Maintenance-free, as well as the ultra-long service life of the stainless steel wire mesh, reduces the zoo’s operating costs. The one-time investment provides permanent use.


Attentive Services

We will provide attentive services. Free samples, customized products, perfect installation guidance, and enthusiastic post-sales service! Contact us anytime! We can help you solve the problems you encounter in engineering.

All be customized , single mesh of over 2,000 square feet

Raw materials, specifications, dimensions, shipping methods can be customized. Excellent processing technology ensures the production of more than 2, 000 square feet of single mesh panels, and more! Easy to design and install!


Premium Quality

Advanced technologies guarantee each knot is interwoven, firmly, and durably. Never get detached and meshes never deform. Precision at the millimeter level. Rope diameter and mesh size will meet your requirements and the standard accurately. Work with zero waste!

Factory Direct Supply

No middlemen! Fast and more economical! Competitive price, and with the highest cost-performance ratio. Advanced inspection equipment to ensure the quality of incoming materials; strict inspection of the finished product to ensure that it meets the standards and requirements.

It is always our pursuit to provide perfect service!
Our service includes the following processes:
1. Online consultation;
2. Order;
3. Production as per schedule;
4. Product delivery, payment of the balance, shipment arrangement;
5. Installation guidance after product arrival;
6. After-sales inquiry and regular follow-up contacts.
We have corresponding services and descriptions for each process. You can refer to the following order process, product accessory specification, product installation guidance, FAQ and file download.
Please feel free to contact us! A small step made by you will be a big step towards our cooperation!


PAGE1•Weight Per Unit Wire Rope Mesh

PAGE2•How to choose the mesh aperture?

PAGE3•How to determine the rope diameter of the wire mesh?

PAGE4•Differences between woven mesh and ferrule mesh?

•Q Material Quality
A The stainless steel wire rope netting mesh woven by the SUS304/316 stainless steel wire ropes, the material in line with international standards, can be used over 30 years.

•Q How to choose the suitable mesh code?
A According the zoo mesh code list or supply the animal kinds in cage, we’d like to recommend some for you.

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Installation Guidance

1. Open the packing as shown in the picture and prepare the tools;

2. Prepare the frame ready according to size. First, fix the two top corners with cable ties and then fix the top side;

3. Fix the two sides with cable ties in sequence and fix the bottom side. Notice: try to pull the mesh downward while fixing the two sides as the mesh may contract because of elasticity.

4. Fix the frame and mesh with wire rope and then remove the cable ties. It’s done.

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Product Packaging and Shipping

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is very flexible and soft, can be arbitrarily folded. This packaging and shipping are very convenient.

  1. Fold the stainless steel rope mesh into the square
  2. Tie it up with a rope
    1. Packaging with plastic woven fabric
    2. Fixed the stainless steel net on the pallet, waits for the transportation
    3. Factory direct delivery
    4. In accordance with the customer designated mode of transport, transport of goods

    How to place an order

    1. Contact us. Confirm the raw materials according to the application environment. 304 stainless steel is suitable for most cases; 316 stainless steel is better in corrosion-resistant and suitable for oceanic climate.
    2. Recommend the specifications and sizes to you, and give you the most reasonable proposal according to the application purpose.
      1. Quote the prices of wire mesh, delivery time, and shipment method, etc.
      2. Before placing an order, a free sample of a selected specification is available to you. The sample quality is the same as stainless steel zoo mesh that you ordered.
      3. Confirm the order and make the down payment.
      4. Schedule the production plan.
      5. After production is completed, you can come to inspect the products; then we will demand the balance and arrange shipment according to your requirement.
      6. 7*24 hours after-sales consultation.
      7. Regular post-sales contacts. Your suggestions are welcome and will be helpful for us to enhance our products and services.


      Over 30 years service life
      Lower operation cost due to maintenance-free property
      Will provide a better living environment for your animals.

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