Zoo Animal Wire Netting Fabric

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Zoo Animal Wire Netting Fabric

Zoo Animal Wire Netting Fabric- stainless steel wire mesh

Zoo animal wire netting fabric refers to a mesh woven from high-quality stainless steel wire mesh. It is mainly used for the construction of zoo exhibit enclosures, aviaries, and fences.

Hengyi Metal Mesh supplies stainless steel rope wire woven mesh nets of various specifications to the world’s top zoos. It is handmade and truly environmentally friendly and can be reused. Installation is simple and convenient. The zoo mesh is durable, not rusty, not easy to destroy, and cut-resistant.


Our company promises that all the products supplied are AISI304 / 316 stainless steel, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed. Welcome new and old customers to inquiry.

Zoo animal wire netting fabric

Many customers are not particularly familiar with the characteristics of zoo animal mesh when they first come into contact with this product. Let’s introduce it in detail below:

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is hand-woven from Material 304 or 316 stainless steel ropes by molds. Zoo animal wire netting fabric is a creative product that perfectly replaces the fences and bars used in zoological gardens, so it is called zoo mesh by clients.

  • Good sight, Transparent: no sense of bondage, giving the animals a free-living environment, and give visitors a good view of sight.
  • Flexibility: the smooth mesh surface can get in close contact with the animal’s fur and feather without damaging them and meanwhile guarantees enough tensile strength.
  • Its rust and corrosion resistant and maintenance-free features as well as ultra-long service life can provide a beautiful site and reduces the zoo’s operating costs. The one-time investment provides permanent use—its comprehensive profits outperform other competitive products greatly.
  • Lightweight; flexible; anti-fatigue; great tensile strength; simple structure; environment-friendly; non-poisonous and recyclable; easy for transportation and installation; no deformation after long-time service.

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