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Trusted Manufacturer Of Stainless Steel Rope Mesh.
The only animal enclosure mesh & aviary fence manufacturer from China that focus on animal’s living environment.

About us

Established in 2005 in Fangshan District, Beijing, Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh is a professional stainless steel rope mesh supplier that integrates R&D, production, sales, and post-sales service. Transformed from Anheng Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Factory, we boast a long history and as early as 1990 when we started the manual production of stainless steel rope mesh.
Our zoo mesh products have many other names: zoo mesh, zoo fence, zoo enclosure, zoo netting, animal enclosure mesh, stainless steel cable mesh, stainless steel netting, stainless steel braid mesh, hand-woven stainless steel netting, stainless steel wire mesh, cable ferrule mesh, stainless steel ferruled mesh.
We focus on improving animals’ living environment and zoo enclosure and fence ecological construction. With the introduction of new technologies and innovative talents, we have upgraded zoo mesh materials and production processes.

What we supply

We supply stainless steel wire mesh to customers around the world. Our customers are zoos, bird parks, construction companies, design companies, and others.
Stainless steel wire mesh includes two types of zoo mesh - woven rope mesh and ferrule mesh. Their main applications of them are zoos, parks, and birds parks. In addition to common stainless steel rope mesh, we have developed new-type zoo-specific ecological mesh, including dozens of varieties, such as animal enclosure fence, deer enclosure fence netting, bird netting, aviary mesh, phantom mesh, parrot aviary netting, crane fence mesh, eagle enclosure fence netting, monkey enclosure fence mesh, orangutan enclosure fence, gorilla enclosure fence netting, tiger enclosure mesh, tiger enclosure fence netting, lion cage enclosure mesh, leopard enclosure netting, deer fence mesh, exotic cat enclosure mesh, etc.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh factory

With development and growth over the years, we have a land area of 30,000 square meters and 230 staff members, including 22 technicians and senior engineers. We have a perfect organizational structure, cutting-edge production technology, outstanding production equipment, and a scientific quality management system. Our zoo mesh products can reach national and industrial inspection standards by 100%. The rich zoo mesh production experience enables us to provide customized services for our customers. We have developed metallic mesh products independently and they are popular among the customers due to their beautiful appearance, strong tensile strength, long service life, rust and corrosion resistance, and maintenance-free property. They are widely used in animal enclosure fences, aviary panels, zoo animal cage netting, animal enclosure mesh, bird netting, stadium fences, amusement park protection, etc.
Right now, depending on our first-class product quality and excellent service, cable mesh products are sold to the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Australia, etc., and praised by our customers. Based on mutual benefit and friendly cooperation, we sincerely hope to establish close business relations with both domestic and foreign customers!

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the animal’s living environment and focus on ecology; our prospect is zoo colocalization; our tenet is openness, innovation, and win-win business. We will make innovations on our products, implement project management modernization, and establish a sound human resource management system. We will make the utmost efforts to improve core competitiveness and provide more excellent ecological products, and enthusiastic and attentive service. We will make our contributions to the popularization of ecological mesh around the globe.
As we grow stronger, we undertake more social responsibilities and devote ourselves to public welfare. We organized donations for earthquake-stricken areas and students in poor areas for their schooling; we helped the low-income families in villages and towns; we volunteered to help the poor elderly people with no family; we organized forestation activities. We have contributed our share to social welfare.

We have always focused on zoo ecological construction and devoted all our efforts to provide a more natural, comfortable and healthier environment for animals, in order to improve their life quality and living status so that they can live in harmony with us humans.
With years of experience accumulation, we have made great progress by leaps and bounds in the aspect of animal cage construction. With our products, zoos can improve the ecology; animal’s life status is enhanced significantly; zoo maintenance work has been alleviated to a great degree. We have been hailed by costumers’ positive comments.

Over 30 years service life
Lower operation cost due to maintenance-free property
Will provide a better living environment for your animals.

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