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Factory Price Cable Netting Order

Hengyi Factory Price Cable Netting Order Sent to the USA.

Under the influence of the epidemic situation, Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh- we still try our best to find the most suitable shipping method for customers to ensure that customers can receive the Factory Price Cable Netting smoothly.

Thanks to our customer’s understanding and cooperation, we finally find a suitable and economical shipping way and deliver the cable netting this week.

wire mesh pannel



Product: Stainless steel cable netting

Product ID: HY1625(3/64″- 1″× 1″) & HY2451(3/32″-2″×2″)

Color: Natrual color cable netting

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Mesh size: 900 sq.m


Stainless steel cable netting could be used as the design and construction of aviary, animal enclosures, building protection, fence railing, and decoration.




Factory Price Cable Netting stainless steel Cable Mesh

Factory production Cable Netting

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