Mammal Safety Fence Mesh

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Mammal Safety Fence Mesh

Mammal Safety Fence Mesh- Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Material

Today we are introducing a mammal safety fence mesh. It is designed and woven from stainless steel wire mesh material.

Mammals are a very large population, including both ferocious large cats, such as tigers and lions; they also include small primates and many herbivores, and their size and strength vary.

So can the same fencing material meet the security needs of multiple animal species?

Then let’s first learn something about Hengyi Metal Mesh stainless steel wire mesh zoo fence material.

Stainless steel wire mesh woven zoo net is a product that Hengyi has always been making, and we only produce this one. It can be said that Hengyi is very professional. After years of experience accumulation, no matter the price or quality, the products are very advantageous.

The woven zoo net is made of high-quality 304 or 316 material, which does not rust and corrosion, and is soft and strong plasticity.

It is hand-woven and has a simple and elegant appearance. The perspective is very good and does not block the view.

The most important thing is that different wire diameters and multiple mesh opening sizes constitute dozens of specifications. It is safe and economical to choose different specifications for different animal species.

Mammal Safety Fence Mesh
Mammal Safety Fence Mesh, stainless steel monkey fence mesh

Now everyone should understand why only one kind of stainless steel woven net can be used to ensure the safety of many animal species.

Of course, if the Hengyi stainless steel wire mesh woven zoo net is not good enough, there will not be many well-known zoos choosing us. Customers always choose quality. With mature technology and years of experience, our products have won the favor of many customers. We guarantee to provide our customers with ex-factory prices without any intermediate spreads.

If you have a zoo refurbishment or new construction, please feel free to contact us for the latest offer.

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