Zoo Cable Mesh Raw Materials

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Zoo Cable Mesh Raw Materials

Zoo Cable Mesh Raw Materials- Stainless Steel Grade-304/316

As a supplier of zoo cable mesh, we deeply know that the importance of zoo cable mesh raw materials about our products. Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh stainless steel wire rope nets are made of the highest quality raw materials and will never use the substandard materials.

The raw material of the stainless steel zoo cable mesh net is 304/316 stainless steel wire rope. And every step of its production has strict requirements. From wire drawing to wire rod to becoming a qualified wire rope, it needs to go through many processes.


Not only is the material qualified, but the rope diameter of each wire rope must also meet the standards in order to make a high-quality stainless steel wire mesh.

Wire drawing is a chain closing procedure in the production of steel wires. The purpose is to obtain a specified diameter, smooth surface, and good mechanical properties through drawing. The drawing action determines whether the rope diameter meets the standard. The stainless steel wire rope that Hengyi Metal Mesh use is 7 * 7 strands or 7 * 19 strands. So the wire rope will be the standard rope diameter only if each wire meets the standard.

Zoo Cable Mesh Raw Materials

Zoo Cable Mesh Raw Materials


This type of wire ropes are very flexible. These stainless steel materials are 100% recyclable, totally environment friendly.

Hengyi Metal Mesh has been cooperating with well-known wire rope suppliers. Therefore, the quality of the wire rope is guaranteed. It is precisely because of our strict control that all of our products are high-quality products and have been recognized by customers.

Hengyi Metal Mesh will continue to provide high-quality zoo cable mesh net to customers all over the world with strict requirements. Welcome to contact us to get the quote of high-quality stainless steel wire rope mesh.

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