Aviary Wire Mesh for Sale and Aviary Wire Mesh Order Sent

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Aviary Wire Mesh for Sale and Aviary Wire Mesh Order Sent

Aviary Wire Mesh Order Completed

Hengyi  Metal Ecological Mesh factory is shipping bird aviary nets to bird parks in North America this week. This order uses a small mesh aperture net, which is suitable for small birds, such as small parrots; of course, large birds can also be used. This allows many species of birds to live in one large aviary with safety.
Birds are a beautiful sight in the zoo and gardens. The excellent bird aviary design adds color to this scenery. If you are looking for the best aviary wire mesh for sale, please contact the Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh factory directly.
  • Why do we need aviary wire mesh?
  • Not all types of wire mesh are created equal to cable aviary mesh.
  • What is the best wire mesh for an aviary?

Why do we need aviary wire mesh?

Exotic birds are graceful darlings but must be kept in aviaries so they don't run into danger in the outside world. Bird aviary wire mesh is specially made for large cages or aviary nets. The mesh is made of durable stainless steel cable material, and the approximately square diamond shape provides the perfect perching and climbing material. Stainless steel wire mesh varies in size, so choose a mesh with a smaller size to accommodate the smallest birds.

Not all types of wire mesh are created equal to cable aviary mesh.

Some metal meshes are made of stainless steel or wrought iron, some galvanized metals, and other coated metals. Stainless steel woven mesh is the best wire mesh for bird cages because it resists bacterial growth and rust, and it does not contain minerals that are toxic to birds. Wrought iron is safe, but this material can corrode easily and be badly damaged. Although stainless steel woven mesh may be more expensive, it is more environmentally friendly and non-toxic than the cheaper galvanized mesh material.

Galvanized metal contains zinc. This metal is used for outdoor projects because the galvanized coating resists corrosion. However, zinc is toxic to birds. Long-term exposure to heavy metals such as zinc, lead, and tin will accumulate in birds, leading to symptoms such as cyanosis, hair plucking, liver dysfunction, and even death in severe cases. Some homeowners wash galvanized wire mesh with a vinegar solution to remove zinc flakes from the metal, but it does not completely remove it. Others avoid galvanized metal altogether.

The stainless steel wire mesh aviary from Hengyi has a smooth surface with no small barbs or welded joints. So it won't catch the bird's sensitive feet and cause bleeding. Hengyi Metal Wire Mesh is a reputable manufacturer; our stainless steel mesh is of high quality, so consumers have no worries.

What is the best wire mesh for an aviary?

The best aviary wire mesh provides a sturdy and secure enclosure without blocking light and air. Since visitors want to watch the birds, the mesh should provide enough open space to see through. The aviary wire mesh must also be strong enough to protect the birds from external predators and falling debris such as branches.

The wire mesh should be suitable for the type of bird in the enclosure. Macaws and African grey parrots have much stronger beaks and bites than finches, so thicker cables are needed to make aviary nets. However, small parakeets may pass through larger holes, so thin cable lines with small openings allow better viewing by visitors while preventing birds from escaping.

Stainless steel cable mesh aviary wire mesh works well in any environment or weather. In winter it can withstand the weight of heavy snow. Birds that live in rainy areas can also have aviary fences that don't rust.

Aviary wire mesh made of 304/316 stainless steel would be the best option for indoor and outdoor enclosures.

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