Cable Mesh Netting

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Stainless Steel Animal Mesh

Cable Mesh Netting

Flexible Steel Mesh

Cable mesh netting is a tough and important building material.

Cable mesh netting is often used in the projects’ construction of zoological gardens. Cable wire rope nets woven from high-quality steel wire ropes excel in safety protection.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh’s cable mesh netting is a wire rope net with a smooth surface, which can be used as a material for active protection and security. Stainless steel cable nets can be used as part of the project and even as the overall material for animal enclosure cages. The cable wire net and some necessary supporting frames together build a safe, breathable, and light-transmitting space.

Cable wire rope nets are available in a wide variety of ways, and as long as you can think of it, they will work for you.

Cable Mesh Netting

For safety:

Zoo fence netting

Animal cage enclosure fencing

Bird flight aviary

Exhibition venue protective net

Airport, shopping mall high-rise anti-fall net

Stair handrail filling mesh

Outdoor protective net

Bridge anti-fall net

Sports field fence

Playground safety nets, etc.


Cable Mesh Netting



For decoration:

Green wall mesh

Facade plant mesh

Balcony protection net

Interior decoration wall

Staircase decoration mesh

Roof lighting decoration mesh

Outdoor exhibition decoration  

Other decoration design



Due to the flexibility and customized of the cable mesh, which can be bent and stretched at will, designers are very keen to use this material to design a variety of more three-dimensional exhibition rooms.


Cable nets allow you to receive more value than other materials.

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