Stainless Steel Netting 1/16″ Cable Order Completed

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Stainless Steel Netting 1/16″ Cable Order Completed

1/16″ cable nets are very commonly used. Whether it is monkey cages or small animal exhibition rooms, or bird roof nets and fences, 1/16″ stainless steel netting is used.

One of our regular American customers is located in California. They are amazing and will have continuous orders of stainless steel cable mesh all year round, thank you very much for the trust and support of the customer. They need the stainless steel netting for their projects. We have maintained a good cooperative relationship for many years.

1/16″ cable stainless steel netting is also one of their most ordered sizes. Most are designed for monkey enclosure mesh or bird aviary nets. 1″ or 1.5″ meshes are common sizes.

This order is a supplement to the previous month’s order. The cargo this time only has two pieces of net, but the weight has reached 300 kilograms. This means that each net weighs up to 150 kg. It can be seen that the area of the single mesh roll is large. This is also one of the advantages of Hengyi Metal Mesh Company – We accept customized sizes. This will provide great convenience to the customer’s installation and design.

   stainless steel netting 1/16

After nearly 20 days of hard work, our excellent workers completed this high requirements zoo mesh orders.

One of the reasons why our customers have always trusted us is that we can make stainless steel mesh on request. And we guarantee the quality.

Of course, if the size of the mesh is too large to be produced, we will inform the buyer directly before confirming the order. If we can’t do it, other factories can’t do it either. At this time, both parties need to communicate a solution.

Another advantage of stainless steel rope mesh is that two pieces of mesh can be connected to form a larger panel, and the connection is not easy to show. When making flight bird aviary roof nets, you can barely see the connections. Use thick steel cables or other stainless steel nets supported, almost transparent.

If you want to know more about the specification, use, material, and panel size of stainless steel mesh, you can contact us at any time, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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