Toucan Black Aviary Netting Order Delivery

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Toucan Black Aviary Netting Order Delivery

black cable mesh was shipped to

Toucan Black Aviary Netting shipping to California

Recently, orders for black rope nets have become more and more frequent. It seems that customers are very fond of the black anodized stainless steel rope net product. Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh sent a batch of toucan black aviary netting to California, USA.

Because different birds have different body sizes, the mesh hole sizes of the stainless steel aviary nets used are also different. We have a complete series of mesh specifications to deal with different birdhouse buildings.

This time, the stainless steel rope aviary mesh net purchased by the customer has a hole size of 2 inches and a rope diameter of 1/16 inch, which is suitable for medium-sized birds. This size of black rope net is perfect for toucan enclosure cages.

Toucan Black Aviary Netting

Talking about wire rope (cable) net specifications

Each product has different specifications and sizes, and wire rope mesh is no exception. However, what defines a specification of wire zoo mesh? That is naturally the cable diameter and aperture of the wire rope mesh.

Cable Diameter

In our factory, the most commonly used steel wire ropes (cables) for woven rope nets have 5 types of diameters. Namely 1.2mm (3/64″), 1.6mm (1/16″), 2.0mm (5/64″), 2.4mm (3/32″), and 3.2mm (1/8″). The 3.2mm wire rope is a 7×19 structure, and the others are a 7×7 structure.

The thicker the rope diameter of the steel wire rope, the worse its flexibility. In order to increase the flexibility, more strands of steel wire can be used to form the steel wire rope. This is conducive to production and increases the product’s flexibility.

Mesh Aperture

The diameter of the wire rope mesh is defined by the side length of the square holes. Because the mesh of the stainless steel zoo net is roughly square when installed correctly, the size of the mesh can be well described using the leg’s length. The stainless steel ferrule mesh sometimes uses diagonal lines to describe the size of the mesh, because it is 60 degrees and 120 degrees after installation, and the two diagonal lines are not the same length.

Different wire rope diameters, the smallest mesh that can be woven is also limited. For example, a 1.2mm rope can be made with a minimum mesh of 0.8 inches; a 1.6mm wire rope can be made with a minimum mesh of 1 inch, and the minimum mesh of a 3.2mm wire rope is 2 inches.

Toucan Black Aviary Netting

Wire rope nets with different diameters and different apertures can create infinite possibilities.

For more details on the specifications, please click on the Specifications page to see more.

About black cable netting

Hengyi purchases stainless steel wire rope nets in primary color, and after artificially weaving them into meshes of different specifications and sizes, a black oxidation treatment is carried out.

Although the black oxidation treatment of wire rope mesh is a chemical treatment, it will not produce any harmful substances. The resulting black surface is an oxide of ferric oxide. It can isolate the air on the surface of the wire rope to further prevent corrosion.

There are many advantages of black rope net, such as relieving visual fatigue, preventing rust, and being more beautiful.

For more information on black rope nets, check out this page – black stainless mesh.

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