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Aviary Ferrule Rope Mesh

Ferrule rope net is a good decorative building material.

Ferrule rope mesh is mainly used in building wall decoration, stair guardrail filling mesh, fence railing protection, etc. Although its decorative function is very strong, it still cannot hide its high safety characteristics. Therefore, it can also be used for zoo fence and cage designs, such as ferrule mesh for tiger fence nets, aviary ferrule rope mesh, etc.


The smallest mesh aperture of the cable mesh

The ferrule rope mesh, like the woven net, has a series of specifications, which are composed of different mesh sizes and rope diameters. The minimum aperture size of the woven mesh can be 20mm which is 0.8 inches. This specification can be said to be suitable for most small size birds. However, there are very few very small aviaries for ornamental birds that may not be suitable for 20mm apertures. But due to the limitation of woven mesh, 0.8 inches is already the smallest mesh opening hole.

So Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh tried to make a ferrule wire net with the smallest hole. Two 1.2mm parallel wire ropes are connected with a 5mm length of the oval ferrule, and the distance between the steel ferrules is only 15mm. Such ferrule nets opening sizes are smaller than 0.8 inches of woven nets. The aviary ferrule rope mesh is perfect and this mesh is perfect for small birds.

Aviary Ferrule Rope Mesh

Ferrule mesh helps to solve problems

We have a client from Europe who had some problems designing a parrot aviary net. These bird aviaries are designed as giant hemispheres. It is therefore required that the overlying mesh material be very soft and durable. This is a long-term outdoor bird exhibition project and stainless steel is the best choice. Because the birds that need to be kept have very small body sizes, the smallest ferrule wire mesh nets were chosen.

Hengyi is proud to provide customers with satisfactory solutions and perfect zoo mesh net products. We have been committed to providing customers with thoughtful service and excellent stainless steel zoo mesh; providing perfect cage and enclosure solutions for zoos; providing safe habitats for animals. Stainless steel aviary ferrule rope mesh nets help us fulfill these commitments and solve these problems.


Woven Mesh & Ferrule Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Woven Mesh

The stainless steel wire rope woven mesh is made up of multiple parallel pairs of wire cables connected to each other through braided knots.
Cable woven mesh is very transparent and the structure is simple but tight, hence, most zoos and bird gardens are fond of wire cable woven mesh. Especially, stainless steel cable woven mesh is lighter than the ferrule mesh.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Ferrule Mesh

The stainless steel wire rope ferrule mesh is formed by connecting parallel stainless steel cables and stainless steel ferrules or sleeves.
Wire rope mesh with ferrules is more beautiful in appearance. Therefore, cable ferrule mesh is more suitable for decoration. It is always used as the railing fillings, and stair railings, safety nets. Besides appearance, stainless steel wire rope ferrule mesh can also provide security for people and animals.


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