Black Mesh for Zoological Gardens Aviary Order Delivery

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How can we install the flexible black cable mesh?
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Black Mesh for Zoological Gardens Aviary Order Delivery

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh recently received many orders that are purchasing black cable nets. The black mesh for zoological gardens aviary that was for the customer in the United States this week has been shipped to Beijing International Airport. It will leave and arrive in the United States soon.

Black Mesh for Zoological Gardens Aviary  Black Mesh for Zoological Gardens Aviary

Black oxide for zoo mesh

Black oxidation treatment is a standard method of chemical surface treatment for zoo mesh and many other steel products. The principle is to produce an oxide film on the metal surface to isolate the air and achieve the purpose of rust prevention. To improve the anti-rust ability of the stainless steel cable net, the surface of the steel wire cables is oxidized into dense and smooth ferric oxide with a strong oxidant. This thin layer of ferric oxide can effectively protect the interior of stainless steel products from oxidation.

At high temperatures (about 550 ℃), the ferric oxide formed by oxidation is sky blue, so it is called the bluing treatment. Ferric oxide formed at low temperature (about 350°C) is dark black, so it is called blackening treatment. In weapon manufacturing, bluing treatment is commonly used; in industrial production, blackening treatment is commonly used. The stainless steel zoo mesh net uses a black oxidation treatment.

Black Mesh for Zoological Gardens Aviary Order Delivery black mesh ferrule Black Mesh for Zoological Gardens Aviary

Why is Black Mesh for Zoological Gardens Aviary popular in Europe and America?

Black oxidation can further prevent stainless steel from rusting. The material of stainless steel itself has the function of anti-rust, and after black oxidation treatment, a stable and dense oxide film is formed on the surface of the stainless steel wire cables, which can isolate the surface of the steel cable wire mesh from the air and double the anti-rust effect. Black oxidation gives zoo nets a longer lifespan.

Black oxidation can remove reflections and relieve visual fatigue. After curing, the stainless steel zoo net is matte black, which can absorb UV rays. Outdoors under the scorching sun, the black color will not reflect harsh sunlight and reduce eye fatigue.

Black oxidation makes the zoo net more beautiful and concealed. The black mesh net is better hidden among the plants, and the grid structure looks like an invisible barrier from a distance.

Why choose Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh factory?

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh is one of the earliest factories engaged in the production of black mesh for Zoological Gardens Aviary. We have rich experience in producing wire rope nets and excellent technicians. The black stainless steel rope net is a Hengyi Metal Mesh factor feature. After years of repeated research and experiments, the black oxide stainless steel zoo mesh is finally mature and the black zoo mesh is also very popular in the market.

Hengyi guarantees product quality and all wire rope mesh materials meet international standards. All stainless steel rope nets accept custom sizes. We provide detailed installation instructions to relieve your worries. We take every customer seriously and do every order well.

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