black zoo mesh


Zoo Construction Mesh Material Order Sent

The stainless steel zoo construction mesh material order was ready last week. And it will be sent to the United States.   Zoo construction mesh m […]
aviary mesh black wire

Aviary Mesh Black Wire Order Delivery

Aviary mesh black wire order shipping   Aviary mesh black wire is widely used in zoos and bird parks. It is a mesh that is oxidized and dyed usin […]

Black Zoo Netting Mesh Order Sent

In the New Year we fulfill our first order of 2024-Black Zoo Netting Mesh.   This batch of black zoo netting mesh was ordered to us by our custom […]

Cable Zoo Mesh Fence Black Mesh Order Delivery

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh factory now is very sophisticated in order making cable zoo mesh fence black mesh. We completed an order of black stainle […]

Black Zoo Wire Mesh Order For Polar Bear

Black zoo wire mesh order was completed last week and shipped to Canada by boat.   Last week, we completed the second shipment of Polar Bear blac […]

Black Oxide Wire Mesh for Zoo Animals Order Delivery

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh factory sends black oxide wire mesh to a famous zoo in Canada. They are about to start the construction of a new zoo enlo […]
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