aviary mesh


Metal Mesh for an Aviary

Stainless steel metal mesh for an aviary   Metal mesh for an aviary is a common and popular option for large aviary projects. Stainless steel wir […]

Birds Aviary Extension Mesh Order

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh completed an order of birds aviary extension mesh last week. The mesh is for owl aviary costruction material.   Are […]
aviary mesh black wire

Aviary Mesh Black Wire Order Delivery

Aviary mesh black wire order shipping   Aviary mesh black wire is widely used in zoos and bird parks. It is a mesh that is oxidized and dyed usin […]

Aviary Roof Mesh

Stainless steel aviary roof mesh   The bird aviary design must be light and airy in the outdoor section of the exhibit room. The aviary roof mesh […]
eagle cage fence netting

Zoo Fence for Eagle Cage Netting

Chinese Spring Festival holiday has come to an end. Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh factory has start our work in the new year. In the new year, we have […]

Outdoor Aviary Mesh for Birds

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh supplies high quality stainless steel outdoor aviary mesh for birds netting, which is very popular in Europe and America. […]
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