Extra Large Panel Cable Netting Order Completed

A Little Maintenance Helps Stainless Steel Animal Enclosure Mesh Go a Long Way
Construct Zoo Enclosures with Eco Mesh

Extra Large Panel Cable Netting Order Completed

The latest delivery arrangement of Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh– extra large panel cable netting order has completed and arranged the shipment via air freight this week.


The height of this panel of cable netting has reached more than 13 meters. And the total area is more than 300 square meters. In order to ensure the quality of the mesh, we have been cautious and spent many days to produce this mesh.


We are so proud of our workers!

They created great artworks!


Product: Stainless Steel Wire Cable Netting

Product ID: HY2451

Color: Natural

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Cable diameter: 3/32″

Mesh aperture: 2″×2″

Applications: Zoo fence, animal enclosure, building decoration, etc.


The single panel of Extra Large Panel Cable Netting has been packed in PP woven bag and fixed on the pallet. Stainless steel cable netting can be folded – this is the advantage of it in shipment.

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