Construct Zoo Enclosures with Eco Mesh

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Construct Zoo Enclosures with Eco Mesh

Hengyi Metal Mesh provides stainless steel wire mesh (also called by our customer as eco mesh) and supports zoos to construct zoo enclosures with this material.

In every place of the world, zoological gardens, safari parks, and wildlife parks continue to attract a large number of visitors. The popularity of each attraction depends not only on their size and the type of species they represent; But also on the design and construct of zoological animal enclosures and the public “viewing experience”.

Materials such as the Hengyi eco mesh provide ideal aesthetic and functional options for the fence. Stainless steel rope woven mesh is a cost-effective, safety-certified, weather-resistant, and highly durable material that requires little maintenance.

Construct Zoo Enclosures with Eco Mesh

However, the main benefit provided by the stainless steel wire mesh for the zoo is the lightweight structure, which actually eliminates the viewing barriers that traditional fences may cause. This effect is well illustrated in many zoos. In some large bird parks, delicate ecological stainless steel wire mesh nets have been used to build large traversing aviaries. Hanging between steel arches up to a dozen meters high, the mesh is almost invisible when looking up at the sky.

So far, Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh’s eco mesh has been mainly used for various animal fences and aviaries. It is also suitable for predators. The stainless steel rope mesh animal enclosures can accommodate Siberian tigers, black panthers, snow leopards, and even lions.

If you have the project that will need stainless steel wire mesh or construct zoo enclosures, welcome to inquiry us.

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