Black Zoo Mesh for Vulture and Saki Monkey Order Completed

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Black Zoo Mesh for Vulture and Saki Monkey Order Completed

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh sent black zoo mesh order to New York

After the hot summer, Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh seems to usher in busier autumn. The orders are constantly increasing, and orders are fulfilled almost every week. This week’s black zoo mesh, which was shipped to New York, USA, is one of those orders.

This design company in New York is one of our regular clients who designed and made vulture aviaries and Saki monkey cages for a zoo in New York. They are in designing a jaguar exhibit enclosure project for the zoo now and will purchase the black zoo mesh for the jaguar exhibit later this month.

All the stainless steel zoo mesh can be customized

The fencing materials of these animals’ fences are different sizes of nets, for which we have conducted very detailed communication. For the three different sections, three sizes of 1″, 2″, and 3″ were determined. All mesh roll sizes are also custom-made. We weave according to the size list the customer gives us.

After careful inspection and rechecking of the production list, the mesh is to do the black oxidized process. Finally, about 20 days later, this batch of Black Zoo Mesh orders was sent to New York State, USA via FedEx.

 black zoo mesh

We will be at service all the time

In the entire order process, every link is crucial. We take every order and every customer seriously. This is Hengyi’s service philosophy to satisfy every customer.

If you have a project to build or rebuild a zoo or animal enclosure project, you are welcome to consider using the stainless steel rope nets provided by Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh. We can provide you with stainless steel cable mesh samples for testing, and ensure that the samples are consistent with the goods.

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