Bear Ceiling Cable Mesh

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Bear Ceiling Cable Mesh

Bear Ceiling Cable Mesh for brown bear and polar bear

Bear ceiling cable mesh and fence nets are safety barriers to isolating visitors and bears. Stainless steel cable mesh is a highly secure material.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh weaves high-strength and very flexible steel wire ropes into a diamond shape mesh fabric. The breaking force of a single wire rope is already very high, and each knot is made of two wire ropes cross-braided, which can be highly resistant to impact. The whole net is composed of many such high-strength net knots, which are very strong.

Bears, be they brown or polar bears, are very large in size and therefore require highly robust fencing materials in order to keep their enclosures safe. We have been approached by many zoos and animal farms asking about bear enclosures. They are required to purchase our 1/8″ mesh. This type of mesh also fits the project requirements of tiger enclosure or lion, or leopard fence. We introduce our stainless steel rope net products to them in detail.

Bear Ceiling Cable Mesh Bear Ceiling Cable Mesh

About bear ceiling cable mesh and fence nets

  • Bears are large, powerful animals that require a thick rope net for safety. Please use 1/8 inch diameter wire rope woven cable net.
  • We can customize the size upon request. So if the distance between the two columns in this project is 3 meters, we suggest that the length of the mesh should be a multiple of the column spacing, such as 15 meters or 18 meters. This avoids wasting material.
  • The mesh can be 3 inches or 4 inches. Larger animals can save money budget by choosing a large mesh size.

stainless steel woven cable mesh specs

For more information about the stainless steel bear fences, please contact us directly.

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