Wildlife Park Fencing Black Zoo Mesh Order Sent to California, USA

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Wildlife Park Fencing Black Zoo Mesh Order Sent to California, USA

The wildlife park fencing black zoo mesh order was completed last week, and we shipped it to California in the United States this week.

Zoo and wildlife park fencing is an important element of the building and construction for the safe keeping of animals. Stainless steel wire rope zoo mesh is an excellent material for zoo fencing in recent years.

And Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh can also produce wildlife park fencing black zoo mesh. It is a type of black oxide process on the woven wire mesh. The black zoo mesh costs more than the natural steel color zoo mesh and the production time is about 2 weeks longer than the natural one.

Wildlife Park Fencing Black Zoo Mesh

Why is stainless steel rope mesh fencing suitable for zoo enclosures?

First of all, safety is the number one requirement for zoo enclosures. Protect the safety of animals so that they can move in the designated habitat; protect the safety of tourists from being harmed by animals, and at the same time not harming animals. These are the roles of animal enclosures. Stainless steel rope net is a stainless steel building material with anti-corrosion and strong impact resistance, which can completely protect animals and tourists.

Secondly, it can meet the design requirements, and easy installation can enhance the artistic effect of the fence. The zoo net is also known as the flexible net. Because it uses the wire rope woven with the softest structure in the wire rope, the flexibility and stretchability are very good, and it can meet various 3D designs. Also, the installation is very simple.

Finally, the surface of the stainless steel zoo net is very smooth, without sharp edges and corners, barbed hooks, etc., and will not cause harm to animals. Primates can even climb and play on it.

Wildlife Park Fencing Black Zoo Mesh

The black zoo mesh is used in combination with different specifications

Zoo nets come in a range of sizes, the smallest mesh is 0.8 inches, the thinnest rope diameter is 3/64 inches; the thickest rope is 1/8 inch. These different-sized meshes are suitable for a very wide variety of animal enclosures. From birds to small animals, to primates, and even big cats like tigers and lions, we can find a size to suit it.

However, sometimes we can combine two or three sizes in the same cage building. For example, when making a big cat exhibit room, the higher roof part can use a larger mesh, while the surrounding walls use a slightly smaller mesh size. This minimizes the budget while ensuring safety.

This time the order is a purchase order for a zoo in California. This order contains three specifications and is an architectural solution used in combination. They use 1″ and 2″ mesh to make a combined large bird aviary and is a pretty fantastic project using stainless steel mesh.

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