New product-bronze stainless mesh

bird netting fence, aviary mesh, bird cages
Order sent – bronze color steel cable mesh

New product-bronze stainless mesh

bronze color steel cable mesh

New product-brass color stainless steel rope mesh

It is a new product of Hengyi metal ecological mesh Co., ltd supplier manufacture – brass color stainless steel rope mesh.

Now, we have successfully developed a new product— bronze color stainless steel rope mesh. Very Beautiful, Corrosion resistance, No rust, Good view, Does not need maintenance, Long service life, and can be arbitrary design & installation.


Products: brass color stainless steel rope mesh (Hengyi metal ecological mesh)
Material: Stainless steel 304/316
Color: stainless steel & black & brass
Type: handwoven mesh, wire rope mesh, cable mesh
Application: zoo fence mesh, zoo mesh, bird netting, aviary mesh, animal cages
Rope diameter: 3/64″, 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 1/8″
Wire rope structure: 7*19(1/8″) and other rope is 7*7
Mesh open size: 1″ x 1″ & 1.5″ x 1.5″ & 2″ x 2″ & 3″ x 3″…….
Mesh panel size: custom

brass stainless steel rope mesh used for zoo mesh, zoo fence, zoo cage netting brass color stainless steel rope mesh, steel wire woven mesh

How to place an order:

1. Contact us. We will confirm the raw materials with you according to the application environment. Stainless steel 304 is suitable for most cases; Stainless steel 316 is better corrosion-resistant and suitable for the oceanic climate.

2.We will confirm the specifications and sizes and give you the most reasonable proposal according to the application purpose.

3. Our salespersons will confirm with you the prices, delivery date, and shipment method, etc.

4. Before placing an order, you are suggested to request a sample of the selected specification. The sample is free and we guarantee the final product is consistent with this sample.

5. Confirm the order and make the down payment.

6. We will produce with a plan.

7. You can come to inspect the products after production is completed; then we will demand the balance and arrange shipment according to your requirement.

8. 7*24 after-sales consultations.

9. Regular post-sales contacts. Your suggestions are welcome and will be helpful for us to enhance our products and services.

For more details, welcome  feel free to contact us:
Contact: Mr. Henry
Email: [email protected]
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