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Aviary Mesh Black Wire Order Delivery

aviary mesh black wire

Aviary mesh black wire order shipping


Aviary mesh black wire is widely used in zoos and bird parks. It is a mesh that is oxidized and dyed using woven stainless steel wire rope.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh delivered the order of aviary mesh order to Canada recently.


Aviary Mesh Black Wire rolls


Black rope netting in the Americas


Black rope netting seems to be more popular in Canada and the United States. Many zoo projects utilize black rope netting as the primary covering material. Many of our customers are from Canada and the United States.

In the last year, many large zoos in Canada have been remodeling and expanding their animal cages and aviaries. We have been producing these animal cages and birdhouses for our customers. The orders for the black birdhouse nets are very large.

Zoos that work very closely with us not only contact us for purchasing themselves, but also recommend our stainless steel rope mesh to their design companies and partners. You can take into account the materials used while designing, and communicate with us directly to determine the size of the aviary mesh black wire. It will be very convenient when it comes to installation.



Why is black rope mesh so popular?


  1. The stainless steel material of black rope netting determines that it is very durable and has an advantage in longevity over nets made of other materials.
  2. The black rope net can easily blend into the surrounding environment without reflecting the sunlight and blinding the eyes.
  3. Mesh structure, clearer vision, very good viewing experience.
  4. stainless steel rope mesh customized size, easy to install.


Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh has many years of experience in producing stainless steel rope netting and aviary mesh black wire, and we know a lot about all kinds of bird netting and zoo fence netting, so we can recommend the suitable specification and size splitting suggestion for you.

For small birds aviary, we have 0.8″ and 1″ mesh aperture. And for medium-sized birds, we have 1.2″ and 1.5″ mesh aperture. Large size birds, you could choose to use 2″ mesh aperture or larger aperture. We also provide accessories including wire cables and ferrules for installation.

There are also many other specs for all kinds of animals enclsoure. Tiger, lion, leopard, kangaroo, horse, monkey, ect. They can have a very creative fence to keep security.

Welcome to contact us for quotation.



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