Aviary Roof Mesh

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Aviary Roof Mesh

Stainless steel aviary roof mesh


The bird aviary design must be light and airy in the outdoor section of the exhibit room. The aviary roof mesh must also be high enough for the birds to spread their wings and fly. Stainless steel rope mesh and ferrule cable mesh can fulfill these conditions.

The use of stainless steel rope mesh material for aviary roof mesh netting allows for light and air permeability. Stainless steel rope mesh, including woven mesh and ferrule cable mesh, are large mesh structures that allow sunlight and air to flow freely. This is much better than glass roofs and enclosures. The bird aviary will not smell bad. Fresh air is also good for the health of the birds.


Aviary Roof Mesh


Strong and durable cable mesh


Stainless steel rope net bird aviary roof netting is also much stronger and more durable than nylon and other materials. 304 or 316 stainless steel wire rope woven into the mesh, strong and durable at the same time also very soft and flexible, to adapt to a variety of shapes.

Always use stainless steel cable netting for bird aviary roof nets high in the air. Because the cable net is a mesh structure, the weight of the net itself is greatly reduced, making it easy to install. And the high-quality stainless steel material is not afraid of sun exposure, rain and snow.


Aviary roof mesh missing in the air


In the high air, the stainless steel bird aviary net is almost invisible, hidden in the surroundings. It is very aesthetically pleasing and improves the visual experience of the viewer. Here are some photos of the project, you can see that the net is very good looking.

Aviary Roof Mesh


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