Primate Mesh Enclosure Netting Order Completed

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Primate Mesh Enclosure Netting Order Completed

Primate mesh enclosure netting order shipped.


Stainless steel mesh HY1638 is a suitable zoo mesh for primate mesh enclosure netting. Our customer purchased the mesh after the new year and we completed it after Chinese New Year Holiday. The order was shipped to the United States Last week.

Primates are common animals in zoos. Visitors love to interact with them and observe their every move. However, there is still some danger if you are in close contact with primates. To ensure safety but also to clearly observe these lovely animals, the zoos need primate mesh enclosure netting – made of stainless steel rope mesh.


Primate Mesh Enclosure Netting


Stainless steel rope mesh


Stainless steel rope mesh is a mesh structure, woven from fine multi-stranded steel wire ropes. A single wire rope may look thin, but when woven into a mesh, it has great strength and tensile strength. Such a mesh is very transparent, allowing visitors to see the exhibits in full view. At the same time, the stainless steel rope mesh is safe and very strong and durable.

In December 2023, we received an inquiry from our customer. During the repeated communication with the customer, we confirmed the specification, size and quantity step by step. Finally, after New Year’s Day, the customer placed the order.


Primate Mesh Enclosure Netting


Due to the long production period of black zoo nets and the Chinese New Year holiday, we can only hurry to finish the weaving of zoo nets before the holiday. The workers didn’t dare to relax for a moment, patiently and meticulously weaving the nets. Finally finished the weaving before the holidays and then shipped the nets to the dyeing plant. After the holidays, the dyeing was completed. We carefully organize and inspect each piece of net to make sure there are no quality problems.

The superior quality of our zoo nets is the basis for gaining the trust of our customers. We will do a good job on every piece of netting, and every knot is done carefully and conscientiously.

If you also have related projects that need primate mesh enclosure netting, welcome to contact us anytime, we will provide you with the best quality products and the most favorable price.


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