Cable Wire Netting Mesh Cutting and Installation

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Cable Wire Netting Mesh Cutting and Installation

Cable wire netting mesh is an economical, wide range aperture, lightweight mesh ideal for various animals. It allows good visibility into the enclosure while keeping safety and security. It is also suitable for many protection used beyond animal enclosures making.

It comes customizing sizes and is also available in standard in 20 m length by 5 meters height. Stainless steel cable wire netting mesh is very convenient for packing and delivering.

But if the wire cable mesh panels are large to the frame, or you want to install a special shape, what should you do then?

The answer is cutting the woven wire mesh. Yes, the steel mesh panels can be cut using wire rope cutters.

There is one really important thing that needs attention. – Please do not cut the wire rope mesh before you fix it on the frame.

Since the steel rope mesh is in a contracted state before installation, cutting it off rashly will result in inaccurate dimensions and failure to install. Especially when you install the special shape frame, you should fix the mesh piece first and then cut the extra mesh.


We have professional technicians who can cut out the desired size of stainless steel mesh netting according to customer requirements. But this is also limited to rectangular mesh. The special-shaped mesh cannot be cut before installation.

For more questions about wire mesh fence installation, please click here to see INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION.

So, customizing is very important to our customers. Because each project is different, and the area, the design, and the shape of the enclosure also are not the same. Therefore, customized service is necessary.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh wants to be your thoughtful vendor and partner. We would like to solve every problem you meet about the stainless steel wire rope mesh.

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