The Main Applications of Stainless Steel Wire Rope mesh

Stainless steel deer control fence mesh
Hengyi ecozoomesh Wire rope mesh

The Main Applications of Stainless Steel Wire Rope mesh

The stainless steel wire rope mesh is hand-woven by stainless steel. The knots of the stainless steel wire rope are X-cross which will not move and destroy. The shape of the wire rope holes is beautiful and elegant.

The stainless steel wire rope mesh is flexible, soft, durable, for user to create a very safe protection.

More importantly, the stainless wire rope will never rust and corrosion, which can be used more than 30 years.



The main application of the stainless wire rope mesh:stainless steel wire rope

Zoo enclosure fence mesh: large animals’ protective enclosure, bird netting, animal cage fence, etc.

Protective enclosure fence mesh: sports enclosure fence, acrobatic performance fence, etc.

Engineering protection fence neting: building protection fence, bridge guardrail fencing, etc.

Decoration mesh: plant climbing net, indoor and out door decoration, etc.

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