The best option of zoo fence mesh

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The best option of zoo fence mesh

The best option of  zoo fence mesh—stainless steel wire rope mesh

Summer coming, as tourists increase of the zoo, so will the potential safety hazard. At this time, safety facilities of one zoo especially zoo fence mesh will be very important.

As usual,  animals in the zoo will be parted from tourists with zoo fence mesh. It can ensure tourists safety, and also can protect animals’ fur and feather. It also can build an enclosure space with a good view. Therefore the quality of zoo fence mesh will be vital. Zoo fence mesh needs not only strong and durable, but also artistic and having good vision. So the stainless steel wire rope mesh will be the best choice. Stainless steel wire rope mesh is durable, flexible, strong and soft. The knots of the mesh are X-crossed, will not move and destroy. The shape of mesh holes is beautiful and good view. The stainless steel mesh will protect animals’ fur and feather. It is a good idea for zoo fence mesh.


zoo fence mesh

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The best option of  zoo fence mesh—stainless steel wire rope mesh


Hengyi eco zoo mesh is a professional manufacture of zoo fence mesh. Specifications of zoo enclosure netting are various and can be customized. Hengyi is the top manufacturer of the stainless steel wire rope in China. Our products are high quality and factory price. We can send you samples for free, and we assure that goods and samples are same. We can also supply installation guide.

Through the above introduction, hand woven stainless steel rope mesh for peacock cage netting fence, peacock enclosure fence mesh, peacock fence mesh have the following advantages:
1. Flexible and soft, can be install to anywhere, any terrain, and variety peacock cage netting fence shapes!
2. High-strength and durable. As the material is virtually indestructible stainless steel, then it can be safely contain any species on land, in the air indoors or out.
3. Hand woven, Smooth surface, protection peacock feathers;
4. Corrosion resistance, not rust, long service life.
5. Very pretty! Close nature for bird animals, excellent visual effect for vistor, to improve the traffic!
6. Custom mesh sizes to provide the level of protection required for the birds and available to meet your specific application requirements.

If you choose us, Hengyi eco zoo mesh will be your best cooperative partner.

More details of products and specifications, please feel free to contact me: [email protected], Miss Jane.

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