Stainless Steel Mesh Netting

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Stainless Steel Mesh Netting

Wire ropes with various diameters

What is stainless steel mesh netting?

Stainless steel mesh netting, also known as stainless steel wire rope woven mesh, is a highly flexible mesh fabric woven by hand using steel wire ropes (cables).

With the wide application of stainless steel wire rope, different industries and different equipment requirements are also inconsistent. For example, the softness of stainless steel wire rope is also very different. Some need to be as soft as possible, and not easy to break; Some need to be slightly softer so that they will not be unable to hold up.

Hengyi Metal Mesh factory’s stainless steel mesh netting uses high-softness steel wire ropes as raw materials. Such steel wire ropes are woven into a mesh fabric that is soft and durable and can be bent repeatedly.

Why does stainless steel mesh have strong flexibility? What determines the flexibility of stainless steel mesh netting?


We learned that the commonly used stainless steel wire rope product series include: 304, 202, 201, 316, 304, 304L; and other stainless steel ropes. Among them, 316 is softer than 304, 304 is better than 202 and 201. And 201 is softer than galvanized; low-carbon is softer than high-carbon, and 304L is softer than 304.

using wire ropes weaving into a flexible stainless steel rope mesh

Hengyi stainless steel rope net believes that the softness of stainless steel wire rope will be affected by the material, but the material influences the steel wire rope more about corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance. Commonly used stainless steel wire ropes basically have many characteristics such as high-temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance, excellent breaking strength, and durability.

The number of strands:

the number of strands is different, the softness is different: the number of strands directly affects the softness of the stainless steel wire rope. In the case of flat diameter, the more strands of stainless steel wire rope, its softness is much softer than that of fewer strands. For example, 7*19 strands 3.2mm steel wire rope is much better than 7*7 strands 3.2mm steel wire rope. And 7*7 strands wire cable is much softer than 1*7 strands wire cable. The softer the stainless steel wire cable, the better the fatigue resistance.

Therefore, Hengyi Metal Mesh believes that the number of strands is the most important factor affecting the softness of stainless steel wire ropes. And it is also closely related to the service life of stainless steel wire ropes. Therefore, the softness of stainless steel wire rope is different, and the applicable industries are different.

Hengyi factory’s wire cable mesh is made of high-quality 304/316 stainless steel to ensure that all wire meshes are safe and durable. It can be used in construction protection, animal enclosures, isolation fences, and many other projects.

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