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Cable Mesh for Bird Park

Stainless steel cable mesh for bird park is a construction material to protect bird gardens and parks.

Cable mesh for bird park can provides safe place for birds. An aviary contains a wide variety of birds of different sizes, raptors and birds with docile temperament. An aviary is a place that can accommodate a wide variety of birds, where we can enjoy a wide variety of birds.

Bird gardens are able to accommodate a variety of birds and even birds from around the world, all without the proper cage. Bird aviary materials that are both safe and green are necessary in the construction of an aviary.

cable mesh for bird park

So how do you choose the right material?

First of all, it should be environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This is safe for humans and safe for birds.

Second, strong and durable, long life, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. Birds are meant to fly, and a wide outdoor environment is a must. If the bird avairy material is easily damaged by wind and rain, the cost of maintenance and replacement will be greatly increased.

Size can be customized and easy to install. Less waste.

Suppliers also need to be reliable. Product quality is reliable. Samples can be provided.


Cable mesh for bird park is a good option.

Our cable mesh for bird park is made of international standard 304 and 316 stainless steel material of rope netting material. Environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic, not afraid of birds gnawing.

Stainless steel material is strong and durable. Corrosion resistant, service life can be up to decades. Both indoor environment and outdoor environment can be used, if it is a more humid area, you can choose 316 material. Almost maintenance-free.

Rope mesh can be customized in size. Generally the height of the mesh can reach 20 feet, and the length can be larger. The exact size needs to be determined by the actual situation and the specs chosen. Custom sizing makes installation easy and reduces waste.


We supply two types of cable mesh for bird park – woven wire mesh and ferrule wire mesh.

Woven wire mesh

The stainless steel wire rope woven mesh is made up of multiple parallel pairs of wire cables connected to each other through braided knots.
Cable woven mesh is very transparent and the structure is simple but tight, hence, most zoos and bird gardens are fond of wire cable woven mesh. Especially, stainless steel cable woven mesh is lighter than the ferrule mesh.


Ferrule wire mesh

The stainless steel wire rope ferrule mesh is formed by connecting parallel stainless steel cables and stainless steel ferrules or sleeves.
Wire rope mesh with ferrules is more beautiful in appearance. Therefore, cable ferrule mesh is more suitable for decoration. It always used as the railing fillings, and stair railings, safety nets. Besides appearance, stainless steel wire rope ferrule mesh can also provide security for people and animals.


Cable mesh for bird park project

Bird parks are part of ecological civilization, and some areas have established protected areas to protect birds. These are all for the sake of ecology. What we can do is to help birds have a better living environment. This is the desire of ecozoomesh. Our wish is to help bird parks and zoos to build better and closer to nature habitats for animals.

cable mesh for bird park

In a famous bird park in Spain, they completed a walk-in bird exhibit last year. The aviary consists of many domes with huge curved structures and covered with almost invisible and safe and durable stainless steel wire rope ferrule netting.

We were the supplier for this project. The whole project required a huge amount of stainless steel cable mesh for bird park, and our workers worked for nearly two months for this project.

After the customer received the goods successfully, we have been following the process of this project. Later the customer sent us photos, there were very many visitors and they all liked the place very much.

This bird garden accommodates very many green plants and has a very large space, which is very suitable for birds. From the photos, we are also able to see that the wire rope netting is almost invisible in high altitude and blends in with the surrounding environment.

All the mesh sizes are custom sizes determined after communication with customers. This makes it easy to install.


If you have a similar project, or a project that requires the use of cable mesh, you are welcome to contact us at any time to get your exclusive order.  


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