Cable Mesh for A Guardrail in Zoo Project

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Cable Mesh for A Guardrail in Zoo Project

Cable Mesh for A Guardrail in Zoo Project


Zoo projects are often complex and diverse. But the fence mesh must be needed. And cable mesh for a guardrail in zoo project is a common option.


Each project involves different animals, then its design must be different from other exhibits. Cable mesh for a guardrail will be an important part for the zoo project.


Birds aviary mesh

The bird’s exhibition room and aviary needs to be completely closed, of course, the use of stainless steel fence mesh can make the entire cage sealed but not closed. The mesh structure of the material will not block the air flow and the entry of sunlight and rain. Making the animals fully exposed to the natural environment is one of the major advantages of stainless steel woven wire mesh. Cable mesh for a guardrail in aviary project can help people keep distance with birds. And the birds won’t be frightened.

Cable Mesh for A Guardrail


Primates cage with cable mesh in a guardrail

Primates love to climb, it is necessary to set up climbable devices and accommodate some big trees in the cage. Monkeys, chimpanzees, orangutans, etc., they are very lively and active and often climb around the exhibition room. The fence net is also the object of their climbing. The cable mesh for a guardrail fence will keep their skin from getting cut in climbing. They will also not tear through the fence and break out of the cage causing a mess.

Cable Mesh for A Guardrail


Big cats’ cable mesh in a guardrail

The most important thing for tigers, lions and leopards, the big cats, is the security issue. Their cages do not necessarily need to be fully enclosed, but the surrounding fences need to be of a certain height and set to ensure that these large beasts do not climb out. Cable mesh in a guardrail can protect the security of the big cats’ enclosure.


Other animals fence mesh

Herbivores are relatively less dangerous, as long as the use of a strong and sturdy fence network can ensure the safety of the entire exhibition room. The important thing is to set up some safe and secure fences between visitors and animals.

Cable Mesh for A Guardrail


Why is cable mesh for a guardrail suitable for fencing?

Cable mesh is customizable. I believe we all know that the fence of each zoo cage is carefully designed and different. Its size is certainly all customized as well. At this time, if you install the fence mesh, you need to find the right size so as not to waste the material.

The cable fence is made of stainless steel, which is strong, durable and corrosion resistant. This can ensure safety. There are also many other materials for fences, glass, wood or other metals that are not resistant to corrosion. These can pose a safety hazard to the zoo’s.

The cable mesh has a very beautiful metallic sheen and the grid structure looks simple and generous. It is also very easy to install, and we have detailed installation instructions and patient after-sales answer service. Any questions, you can always contact us!


Why choose Hengyi stainless steel rope mesh as cable mesh for a guardrail?

We are a manufacturer that has been doing not show just zoo netting for more than ten years and has a lot of experience in production. The projects and jobs involved are very diverse and can provide constructive suggestions for your project in terms of installing the rope netting.

The quality of zoo netting is guaranteed. Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh uses stainless steel materials that meet international standards – 304 and 316 stainless steel. customers do not have to worry about quality.

Considerate service, we can provide the service of production size customization. If you have any questions about the planning of mesh size, you can contact us directly. We can provide you with satisfactory answers no matter installation or usage precautions.

Timely and convenient shipping. Whether door to door or air or sea freight, we can find the right shipping method for you.


If you have any project that needs stainless steel rope mesh fence, please contact us directly.


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