cable mesh


Enhancing Zoo Experiences with Cable Mesh Animal Enclosures

Cable mesh animal enclosures are widely used in zoo construction. Zoos worldwide are continually evolving to provide more immersive and engaging exper […]

Predator Passage Fence Mesh Order Completed

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh sent the predator passage fence mesh to the United States.   The design of the predator passage fence mesh project w […]

See-Through Cable Mesh Enclosure

If someone says to you that he was visiting the zoo, he saw a type of zoo enclosure that blends in with the surrounding greenery and other environment […]

Stainless Steel Handrail Mesh

Stainless steel handrail mesh is a product that uses stainless steel woven mesh or cable ferrule mesh to fill the handrail.   The frame of stainl […]

Cable Mesh for Bird Park

Stainless steel cable mesh for bird park is a construction material to protect bird gardens and parks. Cable mesh for bird park can provides safe plac […]
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