Black Zoo Wire Mesh Order For Polar Bear

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Black Zoo Wire Mesh Order For Polar Bear

black oxide cable mesh order

Black zoo wire mesh order was completed last week and shipped to Canada by boat.


Last week, we completed the second shipment of Polar Bear black zoo wire mesh for the zoo in Canada. And then we ship the balck cable mesh to them. The weight of 1/8 inch mesh is heavy and suitable for for sea freight. The shipping costs will be less than shipping by air freight.

However, it will take much more time than air freight. So, when making order like this, please do leave enough time for production and shipping.

balck zoo wire mesh packages


Black stainless steel cable mesh


Black zoo wire mesh is the zoo mesh of Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Factory. The full name of black rope netting is black oxidized stainless steel wire rope netting. It is woven by soft cable with 7×7 or 7×19 strands structure. Then black oxidation treatment is done on the surface of the stainless steel mesh.

Black oxide rope mesh is a heat-dyed treatment, not a spray paint. Therefore, the black color is long lasting and will not come off.

Many customers really like our black cable mesh. It does not reflect the harsh sunlight.


Black zoo wire mesh has become a popular option for zoo animal enclosures.


Black oxide treatment is a special coloring of stainless steel and an antioxidant treatment. Stainless steel black zoo wire mesh is a very good fence or animal enclosure building material.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh specializes in producing stainless steel woven rope mesh. In recent years, it has researched and produced black oxidized rope mesh products and won very good results. All the black oxidized woven wire mesh produced now have very good quality, uniform color and better corrosion resistance.


 balck zoo wire mesh rolls

Customers from South-East Asia and the Nordic countries are ordering a lot.

Customers from the United States and Canada order more 304 material, which can be used indoors and outdoors in inland areas and has a long life span of decades without the need for frequent maintenance and fence renewal. In the long run, this material can reduce the cost of fencing.

In order to let more users know the superiority of our products, our company invests a certain amount of money every year to send our catalogs or samples to zoos, parks and design and construction units all over the world. Through these materials, customers will have more understanding about stainless steel mesh and Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Company.



If you are also interested in black zoo net, welcome to contact us for more details.


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