stainless steel zoo mesh


Happy New Year 2024! – ECO ZOO MESH

Happy New Year! – ECO ZOO MESH   The new year of 2024 is coming and Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh wish all of you have nice holidays. In the […]

Zoo Boardwalk Fence Mesh

New design of zoo fence – zoo boardwalk fence mesh   Animal zoo boardwalk fence mesh is a new form of animal cage design. Often it connects two o […]

Zoo Animal Enclosure Mesh Project Order Completed

1/8” cable is a popular mesh for zoo animal enclosure mesh project. Last week we sent a batch of 1/8” cable mesh to the United States. Plain weaving c […]
animal fence, tiger walk courtesy

Big Cat Cage Cable Fencing

The Big cat cage cable fencing is undoubtedly the best choice for zoos. Big cats such as tigers, lions, and leopards are not common in life, but they […]

Bear Ceiling Cable Mesh

Bear Ceiling Cable Mesh for brown bear and polar bear Bear ceiling cable mesh and fence nets are safety barriers to isolating visitors and bears. Stai […]

Stainless Steel Animal Mesh

Animals in zoos need a safe and comfortable habitat enclosure. Stainless steel animal mesh is a kind of material that can provide a safe and natural e […]
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