Zoo Boardwalk Fence Mesh

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Zoo Boardwalk Fence Mesh

● High-altitude animal tunnel passage 

New design of zoo fence – zoo boardwalk fence mesh


Animal zoo boardwalk fence mesh is a new form of animal cage design. Often it connects two or even several animal habitats or exhibits. In this design, the animals can move from one environment to another through the boardwalk.


Zoo boardwalk fence mesh adds activity areas and exercise areas for the animals.


Staying in the same cage all day, in a limited space, animals can develop stereotypical behaviors and other psychological disorders. At the same time, the amount of activity of the animals is far from enough due to the limitation of the venue.

Designing such a boardwalk or passageway to allow the animals to go from one site to another, switching the activity space and carrying out activities, is conducive to the physical and mental health of the animals.


Zoo Boardwalk Fence Mesh


The zoo boardwalk fence facilitates the expansion of the zoo’s cages.


Sometimes zoos want to expand cages for animals, but it is not easy to do so given the cost or limited space. It is not easy to extend the cages several years after the zoo has been built. This is because at the beginning of the construction the surrounding area was planned to be used for cages for other animals or for places that could not be removed.

If you want to extend the cages at this time, you can use a zoo boardwalk fence mesh design. Another cage is built nearby and connected to it by an overhanging walkway. The animals can reach the new cage through the passageway, and it also adds interest to their activities.


The design of the zoo boardwalk fence mesh also allows for the rotation of animal cages.


Animal cage rotation system is that animals with similar habits can enter into other cages through the passage, and other animals switch to use the cage. This also has many benefits, often change the living environment of animals, increase the activity place, avoid stereotyped behavior.


What animals can use the zoo boardwalk fence mesh?


Smaller animals, such as lemurs and red pandas, can easily use the trestle. Because they love to climb, the passage through the woods is very interesting.

Zoo Boardwalk Fence Mesh  Zoo Boardwalk Fence Mesh

There are also herbivores, such as goats and miniature horses, that can use specially designed trestles for exercise purposes.

Of course, big cats are also participants in the zoo boardwalk fence mesh projects. Many zoos have designed aerial walkways for tigers, lions and leopards, among others. Visitors can see these animals up close and personal from below.


Materials for Animal Boardwalk Fence – Stainless Steel Rope Mesh


Stainless steel rope mesh is a very strong and durable material that is flexible and easy to shape. Wire rope mesh can be used for the handrails on both sides of the zoo boardwalk fence. Not only that, we can also use it to make a channel, rectangular or round can be. The whole is made of stainless steel rope mesh, plus a steel frame to support it.



Stainless steel rope mesh has satisfactory properties as the main material used in zoo enclosure construction.

  • · Soft and flexible, it can be adapted to various designs.
  • · Strong and durable, suitable for indoor and outdoor, with long service life.
  • · Breathable, does not block sunlight and rain, suitable for the living environment of animals.
  • · Non-toxic and harmless, can be recycled and reused.


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