Zoo Animal Enclosure Mesh Project Order Completed

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New Gorillas Enclosure Mesh

Zoo Animal Enclosure Mesh Project Order Completed

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1/8” cable is a popular mesh for zoo animal enclosure mesh project. Last week we sent a batch of 1/8” cable mesh to the United States.

Plain weaving cable mesh is a good option for animal enclosure.

Plain weaving cable mesh means the mesh with natural stainless steel color, and don’t need any treatments. This will maintain the metallic luster of the stainless steel mesh. Stainless steel woven mesh looks very modern. It will add a lot of color to the whole design.

The black oxide treatment makes the animal cage net less visible.

The stainless steel rope mesh is oxidized to make it a less conspicuous black color. Applying such material in animal enclosure project design, it is making people pay more attention to the animal rather than the enclosures.

This order of the cable animal enclosure mesh sent to the United States uses a plain weaving, which is a very aesthetically pleasing design material. They will be used in the construction of a new animal farm. The animals that will live in them are lions and polar bears, among others.

Zoo Animal Enclosure Mesh Project Order

Most secure animal enclosure mesh

This is a high security mesh material for animal enclosures and cages. For more than ten years, we have experienced various animal exhibits mesh projects, and provided countless wire cable mesh materials for different companies and zoos. Its security has been confirmed by users worldwide.

The zoo has benefited from the safety and positive feedback from visitors to the zoo. They trust us and are happy to refer us to their friends and peers. We are also committed to providing the best zoo animal enclosure mesh products and services to all our customers.

In these few years, due to the great impact of COVID-19, the factory is under tight production time and insufficient manpower, and the shipment is also facing challenges. However, we always do a good job with every net with our heart and try our best to provide the best shipping method and price for our customers.

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