Walk-in Aviary Exhibit Replacement Mesh Order Complete

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Walk-in Aviary Exhibit Replacement Mesh Order Complete

Walk-in aviaries are often a popular use for stainless steel woven mesh. Our customers often buy stainless steel aviary nets from us to replace the various materials that not durable they used before. As a kind of walk-in aviary exhibit replacement mesh, the function of stainless steel woven cable mesh is incredibility and wonderful.

Woven wire mesh is flexible and soft. It can be folded and rolled. Woven wire mesh can be stretched to fit the frame. Also, the panel sizes could be customized. Whatever the dimensions you want, we can weave them.

The other important point is that the woven aviary exhibit mesh can be cut into any shape you want. Only a few ferrules and some lacing cables are required to hold the various shapes in the frame. That’s amazing.

The following is our old customer’s order. This is a walk-in aviary exhibit replacement mesh for parrots.



Product: Spider Monkey Enclosure Netting

Product ID: HY1220(3/64″-0.8″×0.8″)

Color: Natural

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Mesh size: 3000 SQ.FT



They choose the smaller opening size to hold a few kinds of parrots. Safe and beautiful.

This order is completed this week and shipped to our customer by express.

Walk-in Aviary Exhibit Replacement Mesh

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How important is the material of the stainless steel cable net?

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