Wire Rope Net for Aviary Order Sent

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Wire Rope Net Animal Enclosures
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Wire Rope Net for Aviary Order Sent

This order is the wire rope net for aviary. Using a 0.8-inch small mesh aperture to contain small birds. The aviary is very large so a variety of birds can be placed in.

The 0.8-inch mesh is mostly used for the construction of aviaries, and large and small can be used. Since the unit weight is relatively light, even if the area of ​​each net is large, it can be easily supported. The support posts or frame structure can be made of stainless steel columns. Simple and firm.

Wire Rope Net for Aviary



Product: Wire Rope Net for Aviary

Product ID: HY1220

Color: Natural

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Mesh size: 950 SQ.M




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