How important is the material of the stainless steel cable net?

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How important is the material of the stainless steel cable net?

How important is the material of the stainless steel cable net?

Are raw materials important for stainless steel cable net? Yes, very important.

It is the deciding factor in ensuring product quality. Whether it is 304 or 316, its various ingredients must meet the requirements, so that they can become the raw material of Hengyi Metal Mesh into the factory.

A customer had previously inquiry from us and complained to us: he has purchased the stainless steel cable net in other companies that had been rusted for a month, and some places were broken. The customer is very afraid of this happening again and repeatedly asks us about the quality of the product.

What Hengyi Metal Mesh can give is to guarantee that the product can be used for at least 30 years. If you have any quality problems after receiving the stainless steel cable net, we can replace it for free.

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Why can we say that?

Because our products start with the raw materials, the quality is absolutely guaranteed. So we have the confidence to make such a guarantee. No matter to us or our customers, quality is the entire key.

Not only is the raw material very good, but our processing technology is also able to control the size of the product to be produced very accurately.

This excellent stainless steel cable wire mesh has been used by many zoos or bird parks and design companies around the world and is widely used in zoo design and construction.

In addition, stainless steel cable mesh can also be used in buildings with security protection. For example, high-altitude fall arrest, bridge protection, stair railings, etc.

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