Cable Mesh for Monkey Enclosure

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Cable Mesh for Monkey Enclosure

Monkey enclosure can be creative and novel. Monkey cages can also be very creative and innovative. The cable mesh for monkey enclosure is just innovation for one aspect.

In terms of design, people are constantly pursuing new forms, thus creating many creative display spaces and exhibit habitats. Cable mesh for monkey enclosure is one of them. These new creative enclosure designs are getting closer to nature. It is also the necessary foundation to keep the animals wild. 

Creative monkey enclosure fence designs require materials that can support that creativity. This is the perfect way to present the design. The cable mesh for monkey enclosure is woven using wire rope cable mesh. It has rope diameters of different thicknesses and meshes of different sizes so that it can be adapted to different kinds of monkeys. Small monkeys of course use small mesh nets. For larger monkeys, a thicker rope net is required to ensure safety.

Stainless steel cable mesh is flexible, durable, and customizable to size, another innovative aspect of it. The cable mesh is so flexible that you can cut it to the shape you need when installing it. Therefore, when faced with irregular shapes or three-dimensional designs, there is no need to worry.

At Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh, we have many project cases for your reference.

Stainless steel tunnel mesh for small monkeys or other small animals

Cable Mesh for Monkey Enclosure, tunnel mesh fence in the zoo   a tunnel made with stainless steel mesh and rings

The irregular shape designs for the monkey enclosure

Cable Mesh for Monkey Enclosure

Monkey enclosure fence

     Cable Mesh for Monkey Enclosure

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