Small Birds Aviary Netting Order Shipping – Christmas in the Zoo

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Eco Zoo Mesh Wish You All A Happy New Year!

Small Birds Aviary Netting Order Shipping – Christmas in the Zoo

Christmas is coming and soon is the New Year. Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year. And we sent Small Birds Aviary Netting order this week.

Christmas in the Zoo

I believe many zoos will prepare suprise for their animals. It is a happiness for these animals. The zoos not only prepare warm gifts but also build a natural and safe habitat enclosures for them. Before Christmas, we delivered a batch of small birds aviary netting to the United States. We believe this will be the best gift for those happy birds, and they can fly high freely with protection.

Small birds aviary netting order

The small birds aviary netting order is using a 4/5″ aperture mesh in 3/64″ cable wire. Before the order we sent sample to the customer. After the woven mesh sample approved, they placed the order to us.

Small Birds Aviary Netting

All the mesh sizes are customized. It included 20 nets, total about seven thousand square feet area. It is a big aviary for many small birds. The roof will be very high and allow the birds to fly high away. We suppose in this flight aviary, there will be many trees, maybe also rocks and water. It must be a great place for birds to nest.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh, we do our best for the aviary netting mesh production. The small aperture took a lot of time for weaving. And, we guarantee that every knot is strong enough. 

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For the convenience of the customers to study and test the stainless steel rope mesh, we provide free samples. You just need to arrange the courier to pick up.
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