Polar Bear Enclosure Black Mesh Order Delivery to Pennsylvania

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Polar Bear Enclosure Black Mesh Order Delivery to Pennsylvania

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Black cable rope netting is one of its special products of Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh. Last week we completed a batch of Polar Bear Enclosure Black Mesh orders and have arranged to send them by air to the international airport in Pennsylvania.

Polar Bear Enclosure Black Mesh Order Delivery to Pennsylvania

Polar Bear Enclosure Black Mesh   flexible black zoo cable mesh rolls

Many companies and zoos abroad are very partial to black stainless steel cable mesh. Customers in the United States are almost always requesting orders for black oxidized stainless steel rope mesh. Black cable mesh zoo mesh is more invisible compared to natural color stainless steel mesh, making it less noticeable. The rope diameter of the stainless steel mesh itself is relatively thin and does not reflect light over a large area, and after the black oxidation treatment, the fence made of cable mesh will be more easily hidden in the surrounding environment.

Last week, we shipped a shipment of over 4 tons of black cable mesh by air freight to Pennsylvania, USA.

It is mainly used as a polar bear enclosure project. The size chosen by the zoo is 1/8″ rope diameter and 3″ mesh aperture size, which is perfect for large, powerful animals. Nearly three thousand liner foot in length and over forty thousand square feet of mesh was all hand-woven by workers. They were woven and completed after about two months. The time could have been shortened if it had been stainless steel natural color.

After communicating with the customer, they choose to ship by air. The air freight price is much lower compared to FedEx and other express delivery. And the shipping time is much shorter than sea shipping.

We shipped the cable mesh zoo fence cargo to Shanghai airport for delivery, and then the customer will pick up the wire rope mesh at their local airport in the United States. This is a smooth connection to shorten the transportation time as much as possible.

This batch of Polar Bear Enclosure Black Mesh orders shares a total of eight large pallets of packaging. Each pallet is with a large bag. The outer package is then wrapped in cling film for dust and water resistance. Each piece of the net can be rolled into a roll and then stacked together. So the final package is smaller in size. It is very easy to transport.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh is a trustworthy supplier of stainless steel wire zoo mesh. We keep good relationship with all of our customers. If you also need wire rope mesh, please contact us directly.

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