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Wire Rope Mesh in the USA

Wire rope mesh is very widely used in the United States. It can be said that almost half of the wire rope mesh produced in the hometown of Chinese wire mesh is entering the American market. This material is environmentally friendly and durable and popular in zoos and parks.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh is a stainless steel wire rope mesh manufacturer from Hebei, the hometown of wire mesh. We specialize in stainless steel wire rope mesh – woven type and hand-ferruled type.

Hengyi Metal Mesh’s wire mesh is known overseas as ECOZOOMESH because it is environmentally friendly and durable. And they are mostly used in zoo projects to create enclosures close to nature for animals and are affectionately known as ECOZOOMESH.

There are numerous zoos, aviaries, and animal farm parks in the U.S. They provide entertainment and relaxation for thousands of people, allowing them to spend time with animals in a relaxed manner. At the same time, they also have the responsibility of educating the public. Zoos provide people, especially elementary school students, with comprehensive information about wild animals and warn people to protect nature and live in harmony with animals. It can be seen that zoos play a very big role in the protection of nature.

Wire Rope Mesh

The animal exhibit faces many visitors and crowds every day. It has been carefully designed to not only be enjoyed by visitors and children alike but also to protect the safety of animals and visitors.

In the design of various animal cages, the most common material in recent years would be stainless steel wire mesh. Wire rope mesh provides absolute safety for animals and humans with its unique superiority.

Steel wire rope mesh is soft and flexible, foldable, stretchable. And the mesh can be cut and installed according to the desired size, which is much loved by designers.

Hengyi Metal Mesh’s stainless steel cable mesh zoo netting has two types. One type is hand-woven, cross-web knotted mesh. It is lighter in weight, strong and durable. The other type is hand-pressed ferruled mesh. It is using stainless steel ferrules to connect two ropes to form a mesh with diamond-shaped holes. It has a neat and beautiful appearance and is easy to install.

Whether it is woven wire mesh or looped wire mesh, it is made of high-quality 304 and 316 stainless steel material. It is soft, flexible, and strong against tensile force.

The size of the mesh can also be customized. Heights range from 1 foot to 20 feet and lengths from 1 to 60 feet or 70 feet. Specific sizes can be developed in a variety of solutions depending on specific specifications and applications.

The small size of the stainless steel rope mesh package makes it easier and simpler for US customers to import them. If the weight of the goods is less than 200 kg, you can use FedEx to transport them conveniently and quickly. For cargoes over 200 kg, you can choose to ship by air to the airport and by sea to a nearby port for cheaper shipping rates.

We support you to use your own freight forwarder. And we also cooperate with FedEx, air freight, and sea freight companies to provide you with high-quality services and prices so that you have no worries.

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