Plain Steel Zoo Mesh Order Delivery

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Plain Steel Zoo Mesh Order Delivery

plain steel color flxible cable mesh

Plain steel zoo mesh is the basic product of Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh. Other that, we also make the black oxide finished zoo mesh and cable ferruled mesh.


Short lead time of plain steel zoo mesh orders


Plain steel zoo mesh order is short production time than black oxide finished mesh. This is where some of the projects care.

Of course, even then, plenty of time should be set aside for the entire project. This is because stainless steel rope mesh is a hand-woven, customized product.

plain steel zoo mesh order


Plain steel zoo mesh order ship to the United States


This order is from an American customer. They are doing works in the area of animal cages, and often have a variety of needs. Therefore, whether it is white or black mesh, they will order it.

This time, they need tiger enclosure netting, so the rope diameter is chosen to be 3.2mm, while the mesh holes are 2 inches and 3 inches.

After the customer sends us the detailed dimensions and requirements, we will quote and estimate the production time based on these. Production is arranged immediately after payment. Because of the long time cooperation with customers, we have a tacit understanding between us. Customers only need to simply tell us the specifications and dimensions, we can make precise production arrangements.

This batch of stainless steel mesh will be completed this week and will be delivered to the customer soon.

plain steel zoo mesh order packages


Stainless steel zoo mesh helps customers


Every shipment is the happiest moment for Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh, because the customers can use the high quality stainless steel rope mesh soon. Seeing the photos of the installation after their feedback for us, we really feel that it is our honor to be able to help our customers with our stainless steel cable zoo mesh.


Contact us if you are interested in stainless steel cable mesh. We shall get the full information about the material and all we can help.


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shipping of plain steel zoo mesh

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